My name is not Blue Horse. It's Kristin. I'm the adult in the photograph below.

If you're curious as to the meaning of the horse, I wrote this short explanation.


About my photography style:

The short version is, I'm out to capture something authentic. I don't want to try to fit you into my own idea of what a portrait or a love story or a small business should look like. I want to learn about you, be inspired by you, and tell your story. 


I love being able to witness people's unique routines and rituals. I love getting to document the small, sweet, dimly lit, or even (especially) the odd moments - the ones that so often get passed over but contain so much beauty and truth about their subject. My main priority is to try to take honest photos, in the best light available.

I loosely define my style as documentary. Loose because, while I love to hang back and let you exist in your natural state, I do sometimes offer direction for some (no-pressure) posed photos. I tend to take a good mix of candids and casual portraits. That being said, if you are hoping for something specific that doesn't fall in these categories, just talk to me. It may not end up on my website, as I like to promote the style that I enjoy most, but I am more than willing to take formal group shots at your wedding, or whatever you throw my way within reason. 

I am a social being first and foremost, and will inevitably spend a lot of time talking you up or listening to your stories. People who work with me find that this trait makes for genuinely relaxed and enjoyable shoots, and it also tends to make people turn into their natural selves - the ones I'm out to capture. I'd love to get to know you, and turn your moments into art that you can frame and look at every day.




(Due to the individual nature of each assignment, I don't post any pricing. The best way to find out how much a shoot will cost is to talk to me. Please don't let cost intimidate you. I want to work with you however I can, so just drop a line to start a conversation.)