portrait portfolio

My biggest love and source of inspiration is people. Just, all the people. Ever since I was a kid, I've believed that every person is beautiful, interesting, and has a story to tell. Whether you're one person, a couple, or a family, it would be my favorite way to spend a morning or afternoon (or even just one hour) getting to know you a bit and capturing this moment in your life. 

Here's how I do it -

I meet you where you're already comfortable. This could be you and your dog on a quiet Sunday morning in your kitchen, a day at the beach with your kids, or playing cards and drinking bloody marys with your fiancé. I encourage you to wear whatever you damn well please. I focus on documenting you in your natural state, surrounded by a room or a space that you connect with. The sweetest and best portraits are the honest ones. To ask anything, say anything, or schedule anything, drop me a line!