Family / Newborn

In family sessions, I focus mostly on documentary style shooting. I want to see your dynamic, and let the kids play, or bicker, or climb all over you. If you have teenagers, no difference. How does your family usually spend time together? What do you do for fun? That's what I want to photograph. If you are a homeschool family, consider having me come for a normal morning at your home. If you all like to play kickball in the yard, let's get that documented and framed. I can't emphasize enough how special these photos will be to you later. 

For newborn sessions, picture a family session, but a little less of everyone else, and a little more baby, and probably a little more calm, but maybe not. I have a couple little kids of my own, and I like to embrace chaos as an art form all its own. If you have a tiny baby, or you're about to, this is the most special, fleeting-est of moments. It would be an honor and a memory we both can cherish to photograph this brand new human you're taking care of.



I define personal portraiture as just you, or you and your partner  or friend(s). These can vary a lot and I love these shoots with all my heart. I feel like I really get to know people